Andrew Rucklidge: Paintings 2005-07

Publisher: Christopher Cutts Gallery | 23 × 24.8 × 1.4 cm | Available at Christopher Cutts Gallery and Art Metropole 


Rucklidge’s paintings invoke the aesthetics of Romantic landscape painting and often take the form of grand apocalyptic panoramic vistas. Yet each work is also inscribed with graphic overlays that speak of a very different age, the contemporary period of military surveillance, planning and operation where warfare is computerized but in practice the same bloody mess that it has always been. In Rucklidge’s works there is ambiguity over which comes first – the swirling, tempestuous topography or the graphically austere military motifs, whether conflict scars the landscape or nature begets war. For Rucklidge, this is why his chosen medium must be painting. “I believe that painting has its own varieties of syntax that cannot readily be appropriated by the mass media, and therefore a relevant medium for the task in hand: to encode the political and technological into new visual events and interpret their effect on humanity.”

Introduction by JJ Charlesworth. Conversations with the artist by Nick Purdon and Terence Dick. Edition of 1000.